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Round River Woodworking came into being in 1982 and was incorporated in 1995.  Our shop, built in 1985 is a post and beam/log hybrid building (lots of hard work, but great fun and very rewarding). 

The inevitable question is, "Round River? Where did that come from?" 

Well, originally from one of the many Paul Bunyan stories, where Paul makes a log drive down the Round River and eventually realizes that the river flows into itself and goes round and round. We came to the Round River by way of Aldo Leopold, author of Sand County Almanac and an amazing essay, "The Round River" in which Leopold cites the Paul Bunyan saga and says, "The current is the stream of energy which flows out of the soil into plants, thence into animals, thence back into the soil in a never ending circuit of life". 

It seems so simple and it is but it takes hard work and vigilance to make this round river we all live on thrive.  The mantra, "reuse, reduce, recycle" is something we take very seriously.

Wild Turkeys at Round River WoodworkingWild Turkeys

Well, obviously, we do not sell them but they live here and every
late summer they feast on the pear and apple trees at the shop. 
Someday one of them will find its way to our holiday table.