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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Extira?
A. Extira™ is a treated wood composite product for exterior and high moisture interior applications.  For more information about Extira, visit

Q. What is Kleer lumber?                   
A. Kleer™ is an extruded cellular PVC product that we can machine and shape into virtually any profile you need.  More information about Kleer can be found at    

Q. What is MDF?         
A. MDF is Medium Density Fiberboard.  For interior paint grade moulding, cabinets and accessories we find it to be extraordinarily stable, paintable and durable.  Not all MDF is created equal.  Our MDF is "glacier green".  Read more about it at

Q. May we help with installation and or painting?          
A. The answer is yes, we will work with you on that.

Q. Do you offer financing or accept credit cards?
A. Sorry, no we do not. Let's discuss your project so you have an idea of cost... it may not be as expensive as you think!

Q. Are your estimates free?
A. Yes. Give Round River Woodworking a call today and let's discuss your next project!